Registration requirements

  • Student Registration Requirements


    The following documents are required upon registration at the School.  Please assist us by having these papers with you when you arrive at the school to register your child(ren):


    ü      Certified copy of student’s original birth certificate

    ü      A copy of the enrolling student's social security card.


    (Parent may elect to sign a form at the time of registration stating the individual does not wish to provide the social security number, pursuant to O.C.G.A. 20-2-150.)

    ü      Completed Georgia Immunization Form and EED (Eye, Ear & Dental).

    ü      Proof of Residency: 


    §         A current property tax statement; or

    §         Settlement statement (transfer of property); or

    §         Homestead exemption notice; or

    §         Property Deed;

    §         CURRENT (less than 30 days old) rent receipt AND rental agreement; or

    §         Current utility bill ( land line telephone, electric, gas, water, or cable) that includes the physical address of the residence; or

    §         Family Residency Affidavit

    (Families who are unable to provide a rental agreement or utility bill in a parent/guardian’s name and are living with another Wayne County resident must complete the form, Family Residency Affidavit.   Signatures of both the parent/guardian and the homeowner/tenant must be notarized at the School or the Centralized Enrollment Center.

    ******cell phone bills are not accepted as a current utitlity bill

    ü      Most recent report card and current transcript from last school attended.


    ü      Any court orders that prevent or limit access of a parent to the child or the child’s educational records.


    ü      Any restraining orders or other legal documents specifically limiting the access of any individual to the student(s) being enrolled.


    ü      Picture ID of parent or legal guardian registering child.



    ü      Documentation of any health concerns or allergies of which the school should be aware.


    Also, when you arrive at the school to enroll your child, please have the following information available in order to complete the necessary enrollment papers:


    ü      Student / Parent Phone Numbers, Addresses, and E-Mail Addresses (if applicable)


    ü      Emergency Contact Phone Numbers

    ü      Physician Name & Phone Number