Assistive Technology

  • Our mission for this program is to provide services and tools for children with disabilities that will empower them to reach their highest levels of achievement.  Assistive Technology (AT) is both a tool and/or any service that helps an individual with a disability to improve or maintain their functional capabilities.  The AT team supports students from Preschool Intervention through transition to post secondary environments.  As the needs of the individual change throughout his/her school career, the AT devices and services will change to meet those needs.

    AT Services available through the Wayne County AT team:

    • Support  and consult with families, staff, and IEP teams
    • Support in selecting, acquiring, or learning to use AT devices
    • Functional evaluations
    • Demonstrations and training with devices

    AT County Contact:  

    • Board of Education.............................Jennifer Popkin, 

    Wayne County AT Team for 2020-2021

    • Dori Linderman
    • Shannon Bennett
    • Jennifer Popkin
    • Melissa Kent
    • Sara Tubergen
    • Selena Robbins

    It is best practice to use the SETT process when making decisions about possible assistive technology solutions.  SETT stands for:

    Student Consider the skills and abilities as well as difficulties the student may have regarding the task
    Environment Consider the environment or setting and teacher expectations  and how they impact the student and task
    Task Consider what is required of the student to complete the task
    Tool Consider the continuum of tools from low to high tech tools that may aid the student

    AT by Area of Need