• Georgia Network of Educational & Therapeutic Support (GNETS)


    Find out more about our GNETS program at their website:

    Our students attend the Hinesville site.

    The GNETS Program provides services to Wayne County Students who have a severe emotional behavioral disorder.

    1.  Emotionally disabled students are characterized by the following:

    A.  Inability to learn which cannot be adequately explained by intellectual, sensory, neuro-psychological or general health factors.

    B.  Inability to build or maintain satisfactory inter-personal relationships with peers or family.

    C.  Inappropriate, bizarre or immature types of behavior or feelings under normal conditions.

    D.  General pervasive mood of unhappiness or depression.

    E.  Tendency to develop physical symptoms, such as speech problems, pains or fears, associated with personal or school problems.

    2.  Also, the student must display some of the following characteristicss

    A.  Moderate to severe problems with authority figures;

    B.  Chronic, general fearfulness and anxiety;

    C.  Nonexistent or poor peer relationships;
    D.  Prefers fantasy to reality, daydreaming more often than interacting;
    E.  Uncontrollable or irrational fears;
    F.  Aggressive behavior toward others;
    G.  Disturbance is shown across all environments -- home, school, and community.
    3.  Services are available at various levels covering all student age ranges. 
    4.  Referral and placement meeting procedures used are basically the same as those established for students with behavior disorders.