• Wayne County School System
    Guidelines for Interpreting and Translation Services to International Families

    Students in the Wayne County School System come from numerous countries speaking a variety of languages. Limited English proficient (LEP) families who come to Wayne County with children in the school system need the language and cultural support in order to become actively involved in the schooling of their child/children. In order to provide the needed support to these families, the school system provides interpreting and translation services that operate under the guidelines noted below.

    For questions related to interpreting and translation services, please visit the Wayne County School System website at https://www.wayne.k12.ga.us or call Dr. Reggie Burgess, ESOL Coordinator, at 912-427-1000, Ext. 390.

    Interpreting Requests

    The Wayne County School System contracts only qualified, trained interpreters.  All interpreter requests for non-special education meetings must be sent to Dr. Reggie Burgess, ESOL Coordinator, through the Request for Interpreter link on the school system website.  The following information must be provided:

    • Name of the school
    • Name of the student
    • Student’s grade level
    • Home or cell phone number
    • Date of the meeting
    • Location of the meeting
    • Nature of the meeting (parent/teacher conference, APTT meeting, orientation meetings, etc.).

    Requests should be placed at least five school days in advance in order to guarantee timely service.

    For all interpreter requests related to special education meetings, the requests must go through the Special Education Lead Teacher at each school.

    Translation Requests

    All translation requests must be sent to Dr. Reggie Burgess, ESOL Coordinator, through the Request for Translation link on the school system website. 

    Requests for translations are processed in the order in which they are received on the school system website.  However, the following requests are given priority over requests for a small group or individual person:

    • All documents from Central Office disseminated to all school for parent communication.
    • All documents and notices within a specific school sent out annually to the entire school or grade-level.
    • Other documents, notices or flyers necessary to communicate between parents and school that cannot be communicated orally

    Special Education documents are translated on a case-by-case basis. The preferred method of communication with families is face-to-face conversation about their child/children, with an interpreter present. Contact Kim Sims (ksims@wayne.k12.ga.us, 912-427-1000, ext. 220) or Jana Collins (jana.collins@wayne.k12.ga.us, 912-427-1000, ext. 219) with questions.

    All documents for translation must be submitted through the school system website at least ten (10) school days prior to the requested due date and include the following information:

    • Original document in English
    • Title of the document
    • Language(s) needed
    • Due date
    • Number of copies requested

    It is highly encouraged that you keep copies of translated documents for use in the future with minor adjustments to be made to dates, times, locations, etc.

    Email addresses for Interpreter/Translation Services:

    • If Request for Interpreter, send to Reggie Burgess.
    • If Request for Translation, send to Reggie Burgess.
    • If Request for APTT/Title I Event Interpreter, send to Nelda Simmons.

    • If Request for APTT/Title I Event Translation, send to Nelda Simmons.

    • If Request for SpEd Interpreter, send to Kim Sims.
    • If Request for SpEd Translation, send to Kim Sims.