Martha Puckett Middle School

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Mission Possible: Engaged, Respectful, Responsible . . .

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  • Sora

    Looking for your next great read, check out our Soraapp! SORA- eBooks and Audio Books. Now you can read or listen to a book anywhere. Lots of choices, all genres available. Click above for to get started with Sora. Username: student ID # Password: first initial+last initial + birthdate (MDDYY) Please DO NOT share these passwords with anyone outside of our school.)

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  • Introducing KINVO - Wayne County School System's New Attendance/Messaging System

    KiNVO is a powerful, user-friendly web and mobile app that equips educators, parents, and students with data that highlights attendance patterns, all in service of motivating change. The software builds bridges for parents who are hard to reach due to irregular schedules, work commitments, or language barriers. Click on the link above for more information.

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  • Hydroponics at MPMS!

    Students at MPMS have a new addition to the cafeteria, a hydroelectric system growing basil, lettuce, arugula and several more nutritious items. Local farmer Sonya Jones from Lanes Bridge Lettuce helped manager-in-training Nicki Roberson implement this unique method of growing to teach students more about hydroponics. The hydroponic method of growing allows plants to grow without soil by using a nutrient-rich water solution.

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