Science Resources

  • Biology Resources.... 

  • Cells Alive--View spectacular visualization and animations with cell life.

  • Endangered Species--Information regarding endangered species ranging from policies, facts, history, images, projects, lessons, etc.

  • The Heart--For an outstanding study or review of the human heart, here's the place to come. Complete with visuals, audio and video files.

  • Ocean Planet--A traveling exhibition by the Smithsonian Institution, featuring information on biodiversity and the environment. This elaborate online science project also confronts ocean issues, undersea vents, and recent watery discoveries.

  • Sea World-Busch Gardens--An informative and graphic look at the animal kingdom presented by Sea World-Busch Gardens.

  • Sensing the World--Learn everything there is to know about our 5 senses.

  • The Tree of Life--Learn about the hisory of life on earth from 3 starting points: Biosphere, Metazoa and Vertebrates.

  • Visible Human Project--A system of knowledge structures that will transparently link visual knowledge forms to symbolic knowledge formats such as the names of body parts.

    Chemistry and Physics Resources....

  • Chemicool Periodic Table--Check out all the properties of your favorite element.

  • Fear of Physics--Fear not!! Physics fully explained in easy to understand language and multimedia clips.

  • Physics 2000--Learn the basic concepts in physics through interactive applications and colorful graphics. Chat with a physicist.

    General Science Resources....

  • BrainPop--Addresses over 30 common science topics students encounter and clarifies and summarizes important facts with a brief animated flick geared for kids.

  • Cool Science--Here is a useful science web site created by a teacher for her students--includes an "ask the teacher" link for questions.

  • Explore the Sea--Dedicated to exploring the splendors of the sea, including sea news, a sea lab, aquarium resources and more.

  • Mad Scientist Network--We are a collective crania of scientists answering questions in many branches of science, providing a forum in which people can learn more about the world around them.

  • National Institute of Environmental Health--A neat site for kids with many activities, brain teasers, coloring pages, songs, etc.

  • Online Tornado Project--Whirling with energy, this site provides gale-force amounts of information on tornadoes, storm chasing, safety and myths. Take a peek at tornado oddities to discover what happens to birds during twisters.

  • The Science Page--Enjoy numerous science and science education sites, for those hooked on science!

  • Scorecard Home--Is pollution a problem in your community? Take a look at this site to see how pollution affects the US.

  • The Science of Unnatural Mystery--What's the real evidence about UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and Atlantis? Visit this site to learn what we know and don't know about these mysteries.

  • Smithsonian Institute--Documents and data about Museum research and the national collections, which comprise more than 120 million scientific specimens and cultural artifacts from around the world.

  • Volcano World--Modern and near-real-time volcano information to users of the Internet.

    Space and Astronomy Resources....

  • Explore the Sky--Dedicated to exploring the wonders of the solar system, a sky lab and more.

  • NASA on the Internet--The best way to visit space, short of hopping onto the shuttle. Tune into a new NASA site each week and get in touch with your universe.

  • The Nine Planets--Cuddle up to your computer and surf out to The Nine Planets, where text, pictures, sounds, and movies transport you all the way to the moon and beyond.

  • Universe-An Inquirer's Guide--The universe is expanding. Maybe. Our understanding of the universe is expanding. Definitely. Visit this site and see what's new in the Universe.

  • Views of the Solar System--An educational tour of the solar system, containing images and information about the Sun, planets, moons, asteroids, comets and meteoroids found within the solar system.

    Teacher Resources....

  • Science Fair Resources or Science News for Kids--Need an idea for your science fair project? This is the place for you.

  • Science NetLinks--A list of science resources for the K-12 science curriculum.

  • Web Sites for Science Educators--This web page serves as a resource for primary, secondary, and university educators, especially science educators.