Sick Leave


    Sick leave is earned at the rate of one (1) and one-fourth (1/4) days for each month the employee works. Three days of sick leave may be used for personal leave each year. This personal leave is deducted from the employee's accumulated sick leave.

    Sick Leave Information on Your Pay Check:

    Leave information is listed at the right of the pay stub and is divided into LEAVE TYPE and LEAVE BAL AS Of. Totals in these categories are always one month behind. For example, the check you receive August 31 contains sick leave totals for the month of July.

    LEAVE TYPE is divided into categories of Sick (Leave) and Vaca (Vacation Leave). Vacation leave only applies to employees who are on a 12-month contract.

    The LEAVE BAL AS OF is how much you accumulated to date.


    For more information about sick leave, contact Wanda Barron by email or call 912-427-1000, ext. 231.