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    Welcome to AWMS!


    Welcome all!  I am Stacey Nichols Cain and I am the school counselor at Arthur Williams Middle School.  I joined the staff here in 2012 with 19 years of experience.  I began my career teaching what is now called "ACCESS" special education.  I have both elementary and middle school experience.     
    I do my best to offer a comprehensive school guidance program.  I rotate through grade levels weekly for Classroom Guidance lessons.  In sixth and seventh grades, these are primarily focused on social emotional learning lessons that cover getting along with peers and learning to be responsible for ourselves.  This is in addition to BRIDGE law requirements for career education.  In eigth grade the focus becomes more about getting ready for high school and beyond.  
    As a part of BRIDGE law we will be transitioning to YouScience to complete career surveys this year.  Students are able to access all career information in SLDS through Infinite Campus.  I walk them through the steps if they don't already know how to do this. 
    I have a Google Classroom for each grade level.  All students have access to their grade level classroom.  Please check there for more information. 

    You will find several links below to more information about College and Career Readiness, high school registration, and Dual Enrollment.  For weekley updates on the goings on and other announcements please follow the school's FaceBook page or my Instagram page at awms_cc.  I do not follow people back on my Instagram.  I do receive messages on Insta and reply to them.  You may always email me or send me a KinVo message.
    With all the events and options open to students, I know that not all students enjoy their middle school years.  I am happy to talk with you and share any resources I can.  My schedule during the school year varies from day to day.  So that you don’t have to wait on me, or we miss each other, you may want to call or email me to set up a mutually convenient time.   Please remember that if you feel that you, your child or someone you know is in a crisis or emergency situation, please visit the nearest emergency room or doctor’s office.  If you would like more information about area mental health providers please contact me or any other Wayne County School System School Counselor.  We try to maintain a current list of people available in and around our community.  School Counselors are available at every school in Wayne County.  We are here to help each student find the best fit for services.


    Stacey Nichols Cain
    (912) 427-1025




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