Martha Puckett Middle School
    Frequently Asked Questions


    Do I need to make an appointment to meet with a teacher or another school staff member?

    • If you have any question or concern, yes, schedule an appointment to meet with
      teacher or another school staff member. 

    How do I schedule a parent conference with a teacher?

    • You may reach any teacher by calling and leaving a message at the school at (912) 427 – 1061 or email by using the teacher's first initial followed by his or her last name.  The domain is the same for all staff members;  For example, John Smith’s email address would be
    • The school’s phone number is 912-427-1061 and teacher’s email addresses are listed on the school website under Staff Directory at the top of the page.
    • As well, some teachers send home information sheets or syllabi with this important information.

    How can I reach a teacher or other staff member by email or telephone?

    • You may reach any teacher by calling and leaving a message at the school at (912) 427 – 1061 or email by using the teacher's first initial followed by his or her last name.  The domain is the same for all staff members;  

    If I submit a question to a staff member by email, when should I expect to receive a reply?

    • You should expect a reply within 24 hours of the email.  If you include your phone number in your message, it may be easier for teachers to reach you the evening of the day you made contact. 

    When should I contact the teacher if I have a concern?        

    • Anytime you have a concern you should not hesitate to contact the teacher directly.  

    What should I do if I perceive there is a conflict between my student and the teacher?

    • Schedule a parent conference. 

    What should I do if I want my student to participate in the athletic program?

     Your student must fulfill the following requirements:

    • Be academically eligible which means that your student must have previously passed five of his/her six scheduled classes.
    • Obtain a Physical by a Physician. You may obtain a physical from your physician or as a courtesy to parents, physicals are done at the high school twice a year usually in November and April for $10. A physical is good for one year. The physicals are kept on file at the high school.  

    How can I view my student’s grades or homework assignments?

    • You may sign up for “Parent Portal”, an online program which will allow you to access your child’s grades.

    • Parents need an activation key to set up an account. This will enable you to see information about all the children in your family.

    • To set up your portal account, follow these steps:

    • You will need to enter the SSN and birth date of any one of your children who is still in school. Click Submit. There will be a separate key for you and your spouse. You can use either one, but the name you choose will be the name that goes with the account. Once you get the key, you can write down the key, print out the page, or keep the page open to copy and paste the key in the next step.
    • You can enter the key manually or you can use your computer's copy-and-paste function to fill in each area (you have to do each segment separately). The next screen has you to create a user name and password. The password must be at least 8 characters long and must contain at least one number or symbol.

    When should I contact the school counselor and what services can he/she provide?

    Our school counselor has established a network to ensure that students receive the best possible care and opportunities for success.  MPMS’ counselor provides the following services among others:  

    • Guidance Counselor Services- These services are available to assist students who may be having problems with peers, who need help with their schedules, who need study skills help or who have general concerns related to being in middle school. Parents should contact Mark Williams;; (912) 427 – 1061.
    • Student Resource Assistance- This service is available to students who may have limited resources and need help with obtaining basic school supplies, supplies needed to complete projects, or access to the internet for research. Please see Mr. Dan for assistance. 

    What services does the school nurse provide?

    Mrs. Smith, our school nurse, is proud to be part of the team effort that supports student success; however, the school health services supplement rather than replace parental responsibility. Please be mindful of the following guidelines,

    • A parent/legal guardian or other designated adult must bring all medication with the signed School Medication Authorization to the school clinic.
    • All over-the-counter medications and prescription medications must be in the original containers and be FDA approved.
    • Students with asthma or severe allergic reactions are encouraged to keep a second inhaler or Epi-pen in the clinic for emergency use during school even if they do carry such emergency medication.

    • Unused or discontinued medication must be picked up by the parent from the school clinic prior to the end of the school year. All medication left at school more than one weekday following the last day of school will be disposed of.

    • Students with contagious infections need to stay home so they will not expose others. Wayne County has a fever free policy. Students with fever of 100.4 or higher must be fever free for 24 hours WITHOUT the use of medication before returning to school. If your student is home with a communicable illness, please contact the school nurse so the parent(s) of other classmates may be alerted of symptoms.

    • If you find lice in your child’s hair, please notify the school nurse. There is a nit free policy. Upon return to school your child must see the school nurse.

    • A student with chicken pox may return to school when all of the lesions have scabbed (Usually 5-7 days).

    • A student with bacterial Pink Eye (thick drainage and redness of the whites of the eyes throughout) may return to school after 24 hours of physician prescribed treatment.

    • If your child has reoccurring vomiting and/or diarrhea, they must stay home.

    • Impetigo, ringworm, shingles and scabies must be under treatment to return to school. In some cases, lesions may have to be covered.