Parent and Family Engagement

  • Martha Puckett Middle School believes in the importance of good communication between the home and the school to ensure a successful learning experience for all students. It is our goal to provide multiple opportunities for parents, students, and school staff to establish strong, meaningful, and lasting connections.  We pride ourselves on creating a
    positive school climate that is a key factor to boosting student, parent and community engagement, as well as academic success
    for all students.


    The Wayne County School District welcomes parent input and comments at any time regarding the school's School/Parent/Student Compact and the school's or district's Parent Involvement Plan.  All feedback is used during the revisions of these documents.  Feedback may be submitted by clicking on "Click to Take Compact Survey or Click to Take Parent and Family Engagement Plan Survey" below after you have reviewed the documents.  You may also contact the school at 912-427-1061 to review hard copies of these documents. 

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    Click below to view parent engagement documents in PDF format.

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