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Important Information for Football Game Attendees!


Important Announcement:

  • Beginning with this Friday’s Wayne County High School football game, all children in 6th grade and under must be accompanied by an adult and must be seated in the bleachers unless they are moving to and from the restroom or concession stand. 

  • Children will no longer be allowed to be dropped off and left unsupervised.  

  • All spectators - students and adults - will be required to be seated in either the home or visitors’ bleachers. 

  • Spectators may not congregate on the track, at the concession stands, or behind the bleachers.
  • If asked to find a seat by a school official or law enforcement officer, please politely comply. 

  • Spectators who fail to comply after being asked to be seated will be directed to leave the stadium.
  • Parents of children refusing to comply will be notified to pick them up immediately. 

We appreciate your cooperation as we implement these changes are for the safety and enjoyment of all spectators.