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2020 Parent Surveys

As we continuously seek to improve the Wayne County School District, we want to know how you, as a parent/guardian or family member, feel the schools and the district are doing to meet your needs. The information that you provide will help us evaluate and improve how our schools, families, and parents work together to help all students achieve academically. All information provided is confidential and will be used to assist us with future planning for parent and family engagement activities and events in the district and schools. Your opinions and suggestions are very valuable, and we thank you for your time to complete this survey. If you have children who attend different schools in the Wayne County School District, we ask that you complete separate surveys for the District and each school that your children attend. Click on the '2020 Parent Surveys' below to see the links to the surveys:


The links in English and Spanish are listed below for the District, Elementary, Middle and High Schools.