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2019-2020 Debra Brantley Award

Debra Brantley Award

Laura Sloan, special education lead teacher at Martha R. Smith Elementary, has been awarded the Debra Brantley Award for the 2019-2020 school year.

Debra Brantley was a long-time special educator who exemplified what it truly means to be an advocate for children. She believed in always doing what was best for the students she served and she made it her mission to know each and every one of them. She had strong, positive relationships with the families of the students she served and she modeled for the teachers and other staff what a true collaborative relationship looked like. Debra maintained a great sense of humor and was especially always able to laugh at herself. She modeled a consistent positive attitude and had a knack of always finding the “silver lining” in any situation.  We were fortunate to recognize Debra for her many accomplishments as a special education leader while she was with us.  Debra served as a role model and a mentor to many teachers, administrators and special education directors across the state.

Pictured above are (front row) Jana Collins, Asst. Special Education Director; Mrs. Sloan; Kim Sims, Special Education Director; Serran Aaron, MRSE Asst. Principal; (back row) Dr. Brian Simon, MRSE Principal; Dr. Jay Brinson, WCSS Superintendent