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School Bus Drivers Needed


Would you like to have a job that makes you feel like you are truly helping others?  What could be more rewarding than transporting Wayne County’s children to and from school on a daily basis?  There is a GREAT need for bus drivers for the Wayne County School System at this time.  If you are interested in becoming a bus driver, you must have a CDLS Endorsement License or go through training provided by the Board of Education (BOE) Transportation Department to receive a CDLS Endorsement License.  There are two classes scheduled at this time (one session before the end of the school year and one during the summer).  If you interested in applying or would like more information, please call the Wayne County BOE Transportation Department at 912-427-1015 ext. 21 or come see us at 655 Durrence Road.  

Listed below are just a few of the perks and benefits of being a bus driver:


  1. Great hourly rate
  2. Work only four hours per day (two hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon)
  3. State health insurance
  4. Tenure after you have worked ten years, which allows you to receive retirement benefits
  5. Work only 180 days per year
  6. Receive a pay check during the summer while you are sitting at home or on the beach relaxing
  7.  GREAT working environment