Education-SPLOST Sample Ballot

Please exercise your right to vote by early voting at the Hall Richardson Center on 4th Street on or after February 27, or by voting at your poll location on Tuesday, March 21.

Facts About E-SPLOST:

  • The E-SPLOST is NOT a new tax; it is simply the renewal of the existing 1-cent sales tax currently in place for many years.
  • It will not raise property taxes or the millage rate.
  • It is fair - every person who spends money in Wayne County pays 1 cent on every dollar regardless of whether they live in Wayne County or somewhere else.  For every dollar you spend in neighboring counties, you are contributing 1 cent to their E-SPLOST.
  • Funds raised will be earmarked to construct a new Agriculture Center and a new JROTC Center at Wayne County High School.
  • Future E-SPLOST projects may include the purchase of buses and transportation equipment, technology equipment, textbooks, safety and security equipment, facility repair and/or renovation, and upgrading athletic facilities and equipment.