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We are aware that there have been recent social media posts regarding the pest situation at Martha Puckett Middle School, so we wanted to take this opportunity to ensure that accurate information is being disseminated.

  • First, there have been no reports of bed bugs at other schools or on buses.  There have been diminishing reports of bed bug sightings at MPMS. 
  • Following the recommendation by the Department of Public Health, MPMS has remained open and pest control treatments have been conducted as needed.
  • This weekend, a team of specially trained dog handlers will clean any areas alerted on by dogs, and the handlers will apply extreme heat to areas with the most reports of bug sightings. 
  • For the remainder of this week, we ask that students at MPMS not bring bookbags to school and that parents be vigilant in checking their children’s belongings each day. 
  • If pests are found, please visit for recommendations.
  • The school system will continue to adhere to its protocol related to absences.  If a student is absent, the parent should submit a note to the school office, and a determination will be made by school system officials regarding whether the absence is excused or unexcused.


The school system will continue to monitor the situation and will provide information as it becomes available.  If bugs are found at any additional school sites, parents will be made aware. The school system has gone to great lengths to ensure that the information gathered and shared with the public is accurate and up-to-date.  We are working to make sure that all schools are safe and healthy places for students to learn.